Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Whats in & whats out for ME!

Whats in !!!

1. Redhead MSF

2. Our new Dyson hoover

3. Max Factor false lash effect mascara

4. Short red/pink nails

5. Bright scarfs

Whats out !!!

1. False nails

2. Trying to settle into the new flat

3. Waiting for the internet connection :(

4. Wearing black

5. The cold weather


Maddy said...

Ooooh I like this post!!! I'm going to post an in and out on my blog too :) Unfortunately, for me, black will never be out...it's basically my whole wardrobe! :) Love this post and can't wait for the new pictures!

bubblegarm said...

awww.. I love black too but I wear too much of it sometimes, its only out for me for now.. will probably be back in next week :)