Saturday, 28 March 2009

Review: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

I quite like my lips as they are with a touch of Mac Oak lipliner and that's usually my daily lip. However I also like to accentuate them when I feel like it, I have tried the Too Faced lip injection in Techno Buff which works great but I wanted to see what "Extreme" could do.
Please note: my lips have some Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation residue on them.



The Verdict: I love it, it's a great alternative if you want your lips to be fuller! It goes on quite smooth and is not too sticky, within 2 minutes it starts to TINGLE and sting! You can actually feel it working and watch it plump up, it feels like peppermint and like you have just had your lips done with silicone. It basically inflames your lips to its full potential. You can see a significant difference in my upper lip where the cupids bow is, also my bottom lip looks more rounded.

The product itself is a clear gloss with tiny baby blue and pink reflect and has a brush tip applicator.

It lasts for a few hours, if I was wearing it on a night out I like to apply it twice as the tingling sensation fades and I like to feel the tingle. :) This would be lovely applied on top of a perfect nude lipstick.
I wouldn't advise you try this if your lips are sensitive, It's best to test it in store first - I have read about some horror stories with people having an allergic reaction to this product so use with caution.
Have you tried this before? What do you think about it?


Gabriela said...

I will try that... use a Estee Lauder and a Chanel some years ago and really love them... but never saw them again. This look great!

LottieB said...

I use this too. I really like the effect. My finance doesn't like the tingle when we kiss if I'm wearing it!

Would recommend it. In fact, might wear it tonught!

LottieB xxx

Meya said...

wow! it actually works i might have to try it =]]

bubblegarm said...

Yep, try it :) it really does work. xx

Briony said...

I got some of this in a lip injection gift set at Christmas, I've sed it a couple of times underneath gloss but never thought to wear it on its own!


sherona said...

thanks girl :D
i would really love to try it out.. thanks for reviewing..

bubblegarm said...

Your welcome :)

Aleksis said...

Wow, that's a really noticeable difference...Def. going to get this! Thanks for the review...:)

bubblegarm said...

your welcome :)

Kasumi said...

I can tell a major difference!
Does it smooth out the lines of your lips too?

Daisy said...

Your lips look amazing! I am so tempted to buy this now. I've tried the basic lip injection but found that my lips just went bright red- albeit they did plump up lots! It sounds like this one is more of a clear gloss which would suit me more.

I have quite big lips already but do love to emphasize them sometimes!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I bought this was because it was mentioned on your blog and I love it! Thank you! :) Two faced should give you commission or something!!!

LoveLipstickandLime said...

wow, people pay big bucks for a pout like yours, congrats!

bubblegarm said...

Thanks girls :) yes some commission would be nice :)