Monday, 24 August 2009

Products I'm using right now!

It seems this tag is it's doing the rounds once again and it's only fair I take part! Right? :)

Shampoo & Conditioner: V05 Absolute Blonde Elixir (Brunettes should check out blonde hair products as it really enhances the golden tones in brown hair.) I only purchased the V05 as it was on offer. But, surprisingly it's quite good! :)

Shower Gel: Radox Shower Therapy - Oxygel Shower

Styling products: Pure coconut oil, Chi iron guard & Garnier fructis bamboo flexihold hairspray.

Body moisturiser: Palmers cocoa butter

Deodorant: Nivea double effect white senses.

Fake Tan: St Moriz & Garnier gradual tanner.

Skincare: Dr Nick Lowe anti age range.

Primer: None.

Foundation: Revlon colorstay.

Foundation brush: Mac 187 - I can't be without my 187! Your love is a 187, taking me to heaven!

Concealer: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer under the eyes only!

Powder: Only sometimes - Mac MSF natural.

Blusher: Body Shop cream bronzing stick - currently discontinued, I've had it for years! I am also loving the Body Shop warm dusk powder, it's just gorgeous!

Bronzer: Bourjois gold bronzing powder - omg this is amazing, I should do a review on it, it gives me a lovely golden glow, I have had it for AGES and keep going back to it!

Highlighter: Not really highlighting at the moment?!

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay primer potion if I remember! Eeek.

Eyeshadows: Hmmm I can never get enough of Mac Ricepaper, UD Mayhem and Mac Carbon & Bronze.

Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline in blacktrack however, it has almost finished. I'm considering buying a deep purple instead?!

Curler: Mac.

Mascara: Body Shop super volume - Although not by choice, I am on a mission to complete every single tube of mascara I own before I attempt to buy my 2 favourites! (Chanel exceptionnel & YSL faux cils)

Lipstick: Body Shop #64 - yes it truly is AMAZING!

Lipgloss: Oddly, I have been skipping lipgloss - why am I such a freak? I own so many, instead I have just been using Carmex.

Nail Colour: Hmmm, I currently have a Nails Inc lilac polish on my toes, and would you believe I haven't had time to paint my nails? Though, I shall urgently - omg I'm so ashamed! lol :(


lollipop26 said...

yay! i love reading these :) i don't think i own ricepaper...maybe i need it? haha

bubblegarm said...

@lollipop26 i love reading them too :) omg how can you not have Ricepaper? it's sooo pretty! Yes you need it. X

K a t e ♥ said...

Bobbi Brown Violet (4) gel liner is a great deep purple! Tbh it looks black, I still love my Blacktrack to pieces but this one makes a nice change! x

bubblegarm said...

oo thanks Kate - I shall def check that out, it sounds right up my street! x

fantastic said...

love your comment on the mac187 brush..hehehe. and as for the purple liner--i think that would look really nice, seeing as it seems that you use your 24/7 one quite a bit (the purple shade) :)

LaaLaa said...

ricepaper is such a popular e/s.
gotta love it.

'Your love is a 187, taking me to heaven!' - lol you got me downloading.

GiGi said...

These are always fun! I love finding new products!

CocoBella said...

Great stuff!! Those are my favorite eyeshadows..I need to check out the UD Mayhem now :)

Petrichor said...

Hmm a 187? I don't own this brush.. yet! I'm gonna have to check it out. I LOVE my revlon colorstay as well. Best foundation ever.. !

TalluluhBella said...

You should have a look at MAC Macroviolet fluidline - its a gorgeous purple colour!! xx

Phoebe said...

loads of great products although im really not a fan of body shop mascaras, in fact, i have been known to throw them out after using them once... how do you get it to work? i find they dont dry on the lashes and really clump. want to try that shampoo too, ive heard its good. xx

Sima said...

I looked into the Dr Lowe range of product and wanted to know which products do you really like?

I am visiting the UK in October and I might pick up a few things. So far I like the sound of the Hydrating cleanser, Dermabrasion Peel and the Moisture Mask.

Imo said...

LOL I LOve that '187' song LOL great brush too :D x

Lorien BeautyLove said...

MAC Fluidline is THE best eyeliner!!! xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...
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The New Black said...

Palmers is THE BEST cocoa butter ever! I love seeing what other people use...I'll have to give a few of them a try.

Sophia said...

I've never used a foundation brush, would you recommend purchasing one? I own a no7 liquid foundation. Also, you've made me wanna buy cocoa butter now! :)
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