Monday, 30 April 2012


Hello girls, hope you had a fabulous weekend! Esra is 7 months old today, how time flies! I just wanted to update you all and inform you that I'm now using my instagram after neglecting it for ages!

If you have an iphone or ipad, download that app and get instagramming. Follow me for instant photo updates with cool filters, sometimes I just don't get around to doing a full blogpost, so this is a nice way to catch up!

Haba - Wooden Sunni Clutching Toy 

'Esra you are my sunshine, my only sunshine (and daddy too)... You make me happy when skies are gray, You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take your sunshine away!'

Find me: bubblegarm

Speak soon! x X x


LWS said...

Awhh I love that picture so adorable!! xo

CAHREMA said...

Do you have an iphone now??
Cool , if I had one too I would follow asap ;D

But I will take a look :)


Muhsine Emin said...

@cahrema no I have an ipad, I used to have an iphone, I now have a samsung galaxy s, although I'm waiting for the new iphone to come out! :) xx

Tattooed Tealady said...

That wooden toy is so cute!! Happy 7 months to your bubba :) xo

Shadowy Lady said...

awww cute toy :) Yes time does fly so fast. I just started following you on Instagram. I try to post at least a pic per day....that's still my fave app hands down

shabana MUA said...

where have i been living? LOL I didnt even know what instagram was until now, i must start using it :) xx

rachel mokin said...

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wow incredible work i appreciate it

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rakeshatrina said...

Your picture was that so much...well instagram always do a great job..

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